What is Kidz Vision?


Kidz Vision Ministries was founded by Erin Wychopen (previously Senior Director of Children’s Ministries of Texas) in 2011 for the purpose of providing an organized children’s program for the annual Texas Home School Coalition Convention and various children’s ministries throughout the Great State of Texas. [..]

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[ Vision ] for Children


Studies show that children develop their concept of who God is and decide what they believe about God before the age of 14. Here at Kidz Vision Ministries we have a desire and passion to teach kids WHO GOD IS and to see kids grow in their relationships with their Mom and Dad, and their siblings, but most importantly the One who created [..]

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[ Vision ] for Parents


Parents are the most important role model and teacher that children will ever have! We want to encourage parents to take the lead in their child’s Spiritual development and we respect the parent’s right and responsibility to raise and educate their child as they are led [..]

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